Child Workflows

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Infinitic lets us use child workflows like tasks. The newWorkflow function behaves as the newTask function but dispatches a (sub)workflow, instead of a task. When the (sub)workflow completes, the return value is sent back to the parent workflow.

The illustration below illustrates this, with a workflow of 3 sequential tasks:

For example, a distributed (and inefficient) way to calculate n! is shown below, using n workflows, each of them - excepted the last one - dispatching a child-workflow.

public class Calculate extends Workflow implements CalculateInterface {
    private final Calculate calculate = newWorkflow(CalculateInterface.class);

    public Long factorial(Long n) {
        if (n > 1) {
          return n * calculate.factorial(n - 1);
        return 1;
class Calculate() : Workflow(), CalculateInterface {
    private val calculate = workflow<CalculateInterface>()

    override fun factorial(n: Long) = when {
        n > 1 -> n * workflow.factorial(n - 1)
        else -> 1
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