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The following functions:

  • async (on task / child workflows)
  • receive() (on channels)
  • timer()

are all asynchronous instructions that do not block the workflow and return a Deferred<T>

A Deferred has some useful methods:

  • await(): waits for the completion (or cancellation) of the deferred and returns its result
  • isCompleted(): boolean indicating if this Deferred is completed by now
  • isCanceled(): boolean indicating if this Deferred is canceled by now
  • isOngoing(): boolean indicating if this Deferred is still ongoing

But deferreds can also be combined according to arbitrary logical combinations to create fan-in structure.

For example:

// asynchronous task processing
val d1 = async(task) { method(parameters1) } 
// asynchronous wait for 42 minutes
val d2 = timer(Duration.ofMinutes(42))
// asynchronous wait for an external event
val d3 = eventChannel.receive() 

// waiting for at least 1 deferred to complete
(d1 or d2 or d3).await()

// waiting for d1 and (d2 or d3) to complete
(d1 and (d2 or d3)).await()

// waiting for all 3 tasks to complete
(d1 and d2 and d3).await()

The return value depends on the operator:

  • or will return the return value of the first completed deferred
  • and will return the list of all completed deferred
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