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Infinitic is a framework that considerably eases building resilient and sophisticated business processes. It does this on top of Apache Pulsar to benefit from its scalability and reliability.

Infinitic is very good at managing the execution of tasks on distributed servers according to any complex scenario. Moreover, Infinitic ensures that a failure somewhere will never break our workflows.

At last, Infinitic lets us monitor everything through dashboards.

Possible use cases are:

  • microservices orchestration
  • distributed transactions
  • data pipelines operations
  • business processes implementation
  • etc.

Infinitic brings a lot of benefits:

  • versatility: you can use loops, conditions, data manipulations instructions provided by the programming language, without being limited by the capabilities of a DSL
  • maintainability: your workflows are easy to understand, defined in one place, and versioned like any other piece of code
  • observability: everything is closely monitored and exposed on dashboards
  • reliability: workflows are immune to service/worker failures

To start, we can:

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