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It could be useful to expose public properties of our workflow. We will illustrate this with the small example of a very simple loyalty program:

The workflow above basically increment a points counter every week for a year. Note how easy it is to code it using Infinitic!

Now, we will see:

  • how to know the current values of points
  • how to add bonus points for exceptional events

Getting workflow properties

To get the current values of points, we only need to add a getter to it in the workflow interface (in Kotlin, we only need to set points as public to create the corresponding getter/setter):

That's all we need, as a client (or another workflow) can now access the value of points by targeting the right workflow and synchrously running the getter method on it (as explained here):

Of course, if needed, we can apply a similar technique for setters!

Trigger action on a running workflow

Let's add a method adding points for exceptional events:

That's basically all we need. Now, we can add bonus points from a client:

or from another workflow:

Of course, from there it's easy to enrich the workflow behavior, for example by adding actions when a user reaches different threshold points.