New version 0.13.0!




Currently, Infinitic's web-based dashboard focuses on providing an easy way to monitor our infrastructure, showing statistics of Pulsar topics used specifically to manage each task/service or workflow.

Since this dashbord directly interacts with Pulsar, it is required to deploy it into the same network as the Pulsar clusters to be able to talk to it.

Build from source code

To run this dashboard, add to a project:

  • the pulsar-dashboard lib
  • a logger
  • the application plugin
  • the shadow plugin to build a fat jar

Note that use of is mandatory, as the KWeb dependency is not yet published on MavenCentral().

The dashboard server can then be started using:

where infinitic.yml is a configuration file mapped to a io.infinitic.config.DashboardConfig instance, for example:

port: 16097 # default port for KWeb server

debug: true # default value for KWeb server

  brokerServiceUrl: pulsar://localhost:6650
  webServiceUrl: http://localhost:8080
  tenant: infinitic
  namespace: dev
Workflow Events