New version 0.13.0!



Client Creation

An Infinitic client lets us start, retry and cancel tasks or workflows, usually from our Web App controllers.


First, add the infinitic-client dependency into our build.gradle file:

We can then instantiate a client from a configuration file in the file system:

or in the resource folder:

The infinitic.yml configuration file should contain:

  • name (optional): Specifies the name of the client
  • pulsar: Details the connection parameters for Pulsar
  • shutdownGracePeriodInSeconds (optional): Defines the grace period allotted to the client to complete its current actions before shutting down (default is 10.0 seconds).
# optional
name: client_name

  brokerServiceUrl: pulsar://localhost:6650
  webServiceUrl: http://localhost:8080
  tenant: infinitic
  namespace: dev

# optional
shutdownGracePeriodInSeconds: 10.0

When specifying a name in the infinitic.yml configuration file, it must be unique among all clients connected to Pulsar. This name will be utilized as the Pulsar producer name, ensuring distinct identification within Pulsar.

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